Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wu Hoo!

I have been per-sueded.

Behold: My purchase from the Jason Wu for Target line.

I bought this little top at the Targe in Florence a few days after the launch. I really would have liked to accompany the incomparable Megan on her Jason Wu big game hunt the day the clothing arrived, but I was stuck in BFE with nothing but a one ton flatbed truck as transportation. I did the world a favor and didn't drive it anywhere.

Her account of the adventure is pretty entertaining, anyways!

wall eye

In other news, I think my obsession with boots has got to stop. This outfit would have been much better in regular ol' heels, methinks.

I am disappointed in you, for some reason.

Clavicle attack!

earrings - handmade by my Momma
top - Jason Wu for Le Target
skirt - vintage from NVISION
boots - thrift from Goodwill


Megan Schmidt said...

So glad you got a chance at some Wu. What was left when you went?

I love this top on you! I find many pastels hard to pull off, my I have recently discovered that light blue and light green are good for us Redheads.

Katherine McAdoo said...

that is a really pretty top on you! i didn't end up buying anything from the line - everything i tried on was awful on me.

i can never pull of pastels - it goes great with your coloring though.

ps - i saw you were from covington. i'm originally from cincy myself, spent 23 years there!
<3 katherine

Theresa said...

Such a pretty color palette you've got going on. I love the top! xx

Mica said...

Love the pastels! Such a ncie top! :)


Frederik Sisa said...

Oh, boots are fine. Of course they are.

But, those new Ugglebos might be a nice alternative to consider, since you're hankering for heels. :)

Lovely ensemble; that top is wu-nderful, indeed.

Becky Haltermon said...

Thanks for the kind comments, all!

Megan - It was pretty paltry. I actually found that beige and yellow number I was all hung up on but decided that it was a big pile of meh. I love wearing light blue, especially if I'm wearing a color that doesn't look too great on me like orange or yellow. It really helps balance the hideousness. Heh!

Katherine - Thank you! I feel like the color palette of the whole collection was kind of hard to wear in general... And pastels are hard for most folks that don't maintain a deathly pallor. heehee! I love Covington but I'm sure PA is lovely.

Theresa - Thank you so!

Mica - Thanks, lady! I like the retro cut best, I think.

Good call, Fred! And thanks for your kind remarks!

Laurie H said...

man, i'm a talking you into buying stuff genius. that top does look awesome. you're welcome. :)

p.s. i wore the kitty tee that the lady at target hated the other day. it made me happy, being clothed in her disdain and looking rad.

Becky Haltermon said...

It's true, you've talked me into several fantastic items of clothing.

Also, loud and proud in the kitty top! It looked awesome.