Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Score Spangled Thrift Store

Shoulder blades whoa!

I shall now sing a love song to my favorite thrift store, the Village Discount Outlet in Newport, Kentucky. It was from their glorious racks that I pulled this vintage 70s velvet maxi skirt.

Being furtive in the flowerbeds. 

This skirt was only $2! TWO DOLLAS!


(To the tune of the Star Spangled Banner)
Oh say can you see
By the evening's last light
What so cheaply is sold
In the Village's vast store?

New Frye boots! Eeeee!

Whose broad racks and bright tags
Through the strip mall's dull gray
Shone o'er castoffs
That were gallantly donated?

Lobe trekker

And the price tags' orange glare
The strange smell in the air,
Gave proof that there were deals
On old clothing and footwear.


Oh say does that Village Discount Outlet yet stand...

Gnarly arm, there.

For the best clothing deals
In this, or any, land!


earrings - thrift/vintage
scarf - 'Twas a gift
bodysuit - Tigerlily
skirt - thrift/vintage
boots - Frye


~Hurricane B~ said...

I adore how creative you are with your shots.

Becky Haltermon said...

Thank you! You know, not having a go-to window sill in which to snap pictures really forces you to be creative!