Friday, October 28, 2011

I get around.

It's getting colder and I'm spending more time on a farm. This calls for a reassessment of some fashion basics.

Oh, just hanging out by the hawk house. NBD.

I wore this to my office job during the day and then switched out footwear before heading to a barn dance.

velvet evolver

You can wear a velvet mini dress anywhere, right?

Those sunglasses sure do make me look like a jerk.

From clogs to cowboy boots... Someone stamp my fashion passport asap!


sunglasses - vintage Liz Claiborne from Chicken Lays an Egg
dress - vintage Betsey Johnson from Shop Therapy
geode necklace - A Gal Named Cinda Lou
green ring - The Rabbit Hash General Store
ruffle slip - Free People
clogs - Free People
boots and boot scarf - thrift


Frederik Sisa said...

"Velvet evolver" Ha! Proof that blog posts should always be dressed up with puns. :)

A lovely velvety number, spiffy boots, and snazzy clogs...tres chic!

Becky said...

Thank you, sir!

I'm just naturally pun-derful... har har har!

I would understand if, based on that alone, you barred me from the Fashionoclast. heheh...

Anonymous said...

what about "velvet muddyground"...?

-the lou reed glasses do look good

Frederik Sisa said...

Bar you for punning? Ne-vah! I fully support and encourage puntificating!