Monday, February 21, 2011

Reduce, Renew, Restyle

My life has been undergoing a slew of changes of late.

Yeah, yeah, you say. Excuses, excuses.

Well, it's true! Seriously! I'm moving and changing jobs and all sorts of crazy crap. And to celebrate the serious of upgrades I've been experiencing, I gave the ol' blog a makeover.

I'm not married to the new look so please sing out with your thoughts. I know you will!

Click on the pic to see a series of photos from that day.

dress - vintage
clogs - Free People
scarf - some random shop in Ann Arbor, MI

top - Free People
shirt - vintage Army
necklace - A Gal Named Cinda Lou in Westerville, OH
jeans - Guess?
silver flats - Old Navy

dress - vintage Betsey Johnson from Captain Betty's in Delaware, OH

dress - Forever 21
flats - Nine West
sweater - Target


Frederik Sisa said...

Welcome back, Becky! My daily dosage of fashion blogs hasn't been the same without Pump Up the Frump.

As usual, you have a lovely assortment of objets de style on display. Love the Free People clogs, and that vintage Betsey Johnson dress is very pretty and flattering.

As for the new blog look, I like it. The masthead picture is fun too (the dress you're wearing makes geometry something to appreciate again.) But...and I'm sorry to tack on a but, but...the masthead takes up the whole page. Personally, I like not having to start my visit to a blog by scrolling down. No biggie, though. That could just be me.


Becky said...

Greetings, sir!

I totally agree about the overwhelming nature of the blog masthead. I want to use that picture but skinny it up and trim it down.

Thanks for your lovely feedback!

Frederik Sisa said...

Okay, it falls to me to pipe up again, at the risk of being one of those annoying people who seem compelled to comment on everything.

But. I like the size of the new picture. I love the picture too. What can I say? I'm a softie for kitties...and who can resist a reluctant feline fashionista?

On an unrelated note, the captcha for this post is "boicals," which is the scientific name for boy cooties.

Becky said...

I truly appreciate your feedback!

Also, seriously, it's a cat in a sweater. What's not to love?

Also, you are hilarious despite your obvious affliction of boicals.