Monday, August 2, 2010

Medicines and Mysteries


When I call in sick to work, my favorite thing in the world is to go to Urban Outfitters. There's something about being there in a cough syrup coma that just really appeals to me.

I found myself too sick to work but still, miraculously, well enough to go shopping recently and picked up this black dress on clearance. Not bad for the heavily medicated.

Oh and these are one of the pairs of earrings I got at that awesome yard sale in Warsaw, Kentucky.


My sister said I look like one of the ladies in the old PBS Mystery! Intro...
Hm. Watch it here.

This look got a lot of compliments, which suprised me. It is easily the most comfortable thing I've ever worn.

Okay, maybe top ten...


Super Security!
As you can see, we have pretty tight security at our place. Attack cat: Go!

dress - Urban Outfitters
earrings - yard sale
tube bra - Francesca's Collections
belt - thrift
sandals - BC Footwear


Rosie Unknown said...

Love the dress, it's a really nice cut on you. The low top is so perfect with the floor length hem.

Frederik Sisa said...

I don't know about the Edward Gorey comparison, but that dress is very beautiful. The waist details are perfect, the way it drapes is right on the money - definitely one of your top outfits. Very elegant fit.

And those earrings are phenomenal...the way they cap off the row of earrings is like an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence.

Becky said...

Rosie - Thanks! I was kinda iffy on it buy comments like yours make me love it.

Frederik - I could listen to your beautifully crafted compliments all day long. Tell me more! heheh...