Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mail Order Pride

As you may have noticed, my posts are experiencing a bit of a time warp. Ride out this fit of anachronism with me, if you would.

The Greedy Discounted Free People Online Ordering Monster (GDFPOOM) strikes again. Not only does she have a bizarre name, she spends too much time and money trolling the interwebs for superfluous (but clearance!) clothing.

This top was in the ethereal Bargain Bin on the Internet. I love it so.

Mail order is totally habit-forming.



top - Free People
earrings - Mahatma in Cincinnati
shorts - thrift
shoes - Old Navy?


Frederik Sisa said...

As a coincidence, I was just writing about new online and virtual shopping concepts at my blog. One of them, the mighty morphin' robot mannequin, is actually in use. I suppose this could be dangerous in terms of trolling the interwebs for clothing...:)

Becky said...

Sounds like a good blog post. I just have one question: HOW DO WE MAKE THEM STOP?! heheh...