Friday, June 4, 2010

Out of the Closet

I have a "walk-in closet" which is really a guest room that is full of my ridiculous mountain of clothing, shoes, and accessories. I suppose any kind of cursory examination of this blog could tell you that there is an ungodly amount of fashion accutrement that I must somehow harbor. This is the story of that cavern of crap.

Room Before
For a long time, I had a sizeable dresser in which I kept most things. Well, I meant to keep most things there. I actually ended up keeping them in a pile on the floor.

Pros: Easy access, easy to see what I have, and easy for the cats to find a place to nap.
Cons: Shit gets dirty and clothes get pummelled. I irrevocably destroyed a bra (and seriously harmed my foot) when I stomped on its front-closure clasp.

Out of the blue, I decided that I wanted a wall of shelves on which to store this stuff. The plan came into action when I went to Target and found shelves on sale for $16. I'll take five, please.

Room After
After spending a week assembling and arranging the shelves, this is what the room looked like. The pros of visuality and easy access without the cons of dirt and destruction.

And the cats can still nap in a basket, if they need to.

Organizing everything at first was a pain. I sorted everything by type (here are the tank top and short-sleeved shirt shelves) and then color. Though the color thing isn't working out too great, everything else is awesome. I can get inspired by something I see, easily scout out pieces that go together, and keep it all pretty neat. I find that it's really easy to keep clean. The room hasn't deteriorated into filth once since I set up the shelving system.

I totally recommend it.

Runner-up names for this post: Shelf Life, Nice Rack, Containing My Excitement

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~Hurricane B~ said...

I really like Nice Rack.=) I have something simlar. Only as in it is really a guest room...err. well no more. Here in Europe they have no closets, so we have some wardrobes, then I have open shelves, tables etc. I will post pictures of it on my blog one day. Nice system, good luck keeping it up.

Becky said...

I love a good bosom pun.

I'd love to see your storage system... I could always use more organization inspiration.

Kim said...

Wow - we are closet room twins! Well, fraternal maybe more than identical, but still! Once my wall of shelves was constructed my life became immediately better. The t-shirts are the hardest to keep neat, but at least they're up off the floor/futon.
I love your room!!

~Hurricane B~ said...

hahaha yeah. Beeewwbie comments are great. I am recently getting it spiffied up, you inspired me.So pics will come soon--err ish. One thing I just did, I had soooo many costume necklaces sitting on top of my full jewlery thingy a jigger(real word). So I took some wood planks, sanded, spraypainted and then took some hooks, spray painted those. Then put said hooks into the wood. I did a brown, beige, black with a splash of pink theme. I will get pics up soon-ish. Then that way I have my necklaces organized, on display.. BUT I rent, so now only 2 holes in the wall per board. Instead of all those hooks or a tangled mass on top of my jewelery thingy a jigger. Just for starter tip.=) YOu have a good thing going on. Not sure what else I could give you. I will let you know when I ever do a closet post though. Happy Almost Hump day.