Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Afflictions Imaginary and Overcome



This was a Fat Day.

As a postmodern lady, I don't like to admit these sorts of dysmorphic situations exist because I'm immediately taken back to high school and silly girls babbling back and forth, "You're not fat! I'm fat!" "You're not fat! I'm fat!"

I hate that being overweight is a crippling social stigma and I hate that ladies feel any kind of pressure to have a specific body type.

That said, this was a day where for purely hormonal reasons, I felt like I had gained three pant sizes overnight.


Obesity psychoses be damned.


tank - Free People
long-sleeved top - American Eagle?
jeans - Free People
shoes - from my Momma



Even more unnerving than body dysmorphic disorder is the disease I've contracted that forces me to purchase Free People garments online.

Mail order is so fun! And income-disabling!


This top was on sale on the interwebs and that is how it came to be mine.

top - Free People
headband - Pangea in Cincinnati
pants - French Connection
shoes - Imagine by John Camuto


In other news:

It's official! Ms. Francis Luella is in perfect health!

Her lump is gone and any traces of sarcoma have fled! She's just your average happy, crazy kitten.


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Kendra said...

YAY!!! I am soo soo soo happy to hear that your dear little kitty is well!! So does this technically count as 1 or her 9 lives being used up?? :) Give her snuggles for me :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

I like your closet system you got going on there. SOOOO happy about your kitty. I like the purple top. Online shopping got me last week. I got the "talking too" this week. So I am cut off for a bit. damn.=)

Becky said...

Kendra - Thank you! Heheh she's not even a year old and down a life! I kept saying that she was too sassy to be sick - Only the good die young!

Hurricane - I'll post more about the closet system... I LOVE it but wanted to wait to make sure it would work for me. My healthy kitten appreciates your kind comment. Who is this internet enforcer who prevents you from online purchases? I need one... heheh.