Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orange You Glad

I feel like I say this a lot but seriously, this is one of my favorite dresses of all time.

Coworker: What's on your dress?
Me: It is what I imagine a medieval acid trip would look like.
Coworker: Uh... Oh.


sweater - Banana Republic
dress - vintage
shoes - Target

Our upstairs neighbors take care of our back yard and they do an incredibly awesome job. All of this furniture is theirs and they mow the law, mulch the flowers and tend to a small garden that includes raspberries and strawberries.

I love them for this but that still doesn't mean that I would want to run into them while taking these dorky fashion photos. On this occasion, I snapped and ran.

The strawberries are blooming!

This orange was not grown in our garden but was, in fact, delicious.


sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
jacket - vintage
dress - thrift
shoes - I got them at the Gap Outlet but I can't remember if they're Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic.
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Eli said...

that dress is so beautiful!! I cant get over it, this is exactly why I love vintage dresses

Rosie Unknown said...

1. Your sunglasses are amazing!

2. If that dress is a medieval acid trip, I want to go back in time and take some acid.

3. Your awesome!

~Hurricane B~ said...

You made me giggle, that was great. Imagining your co workers expression saying "Uh-Oh". I also love that you can have someone do that for your backyard and not have to pay them.=)

Becky said...

Eli - Thank you! Me, too. Vintage dresses are so lovely and so weird at the same time.

Rosie -

1. Thanks! They're not super flattering on me but I saw them in the damn UO catalogue and knew I had to have them.

2. Hahahah! If I can inspire time travel and psychedelic experimentation then my work is done!

3. You are!