Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tattooed and Topless



I love this dress, mostly because it has a little shelf bra built into it. Hurrah for the bra-less!

sweater - JC Penney
dress - Billabong


...And I love this dress because it has pockets. Ahhh, pockets!


I wore this to a big deal work function and got at least 15 comments on my tights. Sincerely. Half of the people wanted to compliment them and the other half wanted to make sure that they weren't full-leg tattoos. Sincerely.

dress - Dana Buchman from Kohl's
sweater - Simply Vera by Vera Wang from Kohl's
tights - probably Forever 21?
shoes - gift from my momma!



It's so so nice to be warm in bed when it is cold outside. Just ask Nala.


Clare said...

Love the bra-top dress!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I like the bright yellow sweater you put over the black dress. Hahaha I bet the people who were wonderding if they were full leg tattoos were sincere about it. Haven't they ever seen your bare legs before? As if you went and got your legs tattoo overnight and could walk normal the next day.=) Have a good weekend.

Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist said...

nice find with the dana buchman! an incredibly expensive brand at regular retail. pockets on dresses are awesome. i wish i could wear a shelf bra without another bra but it just doesn't happen. they're more like a little extra support. sigh!
love the tattoo tights :D

Becky said...

Clare - Thanks! It rules!

Hurricane - That chartreuse sweater is my favorite thing in the world... And yeah, I told everyone who asked that I'd gotten full-leg tattoos in prison. The goofs.

Wicked - I heart Dana Buchman so. And shelf bras are one of the few positives of being tiny-chested!