Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitty Show and Tell


I needed a work outfit that I could wear out with my sister... I think this fit the bill nicely.


I photoshopped this so my crotch wouldn't show... I get enough weirdos following me on flickr as it is.

I took this moments after purchasing that stellar little hat in a vintage shop. I haven't worn it since but you never know when a purple velvet topper will be necessary.

purple hat - York Street Shop in Newport, KY
jacket - thrift
dress - Free People
top under dress - Rag O Rama in Columbus
tights - Urban Outfitters
boots and boot scarf - thrift


This photo was taken specifically for my guest post on The Fashionoclast.


New Kitten!
I got a new Kitten! She's insane and fuzzy and funny and sweet and I love love love her. I haven't figured out what to call her yet...


Clare said...

I LOVE that Free People dress, and I'm sooooo in love with that kitty!

~Hurricane B~ said...

If she is crazy, call her Jinx or Harlow or Justice. That is what I thought of looking at her.=)

I like the outfit you are wearing holding her, The yellow pops.

Oranges And Apples said...

ooooh ooohhh oooh, she's SO cute!

Becky said...

Clare - You can't but love that little kitty face!

Hurricane - Good suggestions! I'm still at a naming impasse...

Oranges - heheheh! Thank you! I agree!