Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

Remember the wedding dress I bought for a film my boyfriend was making? It turns out that it/I ended up being in a mead commercial and if you go to any of the screenings during the Columbus International Film Festival this week, you will see the commercial, me, and my dress. I attended a movie just this evening and surreptitiously snapped photos of myself on the big screen.

Me on the Big Screen

Shooting the commercial was totally fun. We enjoyed a very lovely afternoon in an orchard. While we were there, the farmer's grandson came out, gave me a funny look, and said, "Grandad said there was a model in the orchard." I laughed and generally felt pretty silly.

Does no one want my autograph?

In other news, I have a few photos of my new office.

New Office 1

It's not as opulent as my last digs but I really like the vibe... It makes it very easy to stay focused on my tasks.

New Office 3

I really like the plants all around it.

New Office 4

That's me!

Alright, how about some clothes?

I woke up this smorning with big hair and big attitude.

11/9 bright

11/9 detail

11/9 blur

11/9 jewelry

sweater - The Gap... Outlet!
dress - I'm not sure... I think I got it at TJ Maxx.
necklace - Night Owl Crafts
ring - I got it at the coolest little shop on Magazine Street in NOLA.
shoes - Wanted

Happy Veteran's Day!


Someone bought a new coat!

11/11 detail

It's me!

11/11 coat

11/11 sleepy face

Is my sleepy face as obvious to you as it is to me?

coat - Forever 21
earrings - Pangea in Clifton
top - Old Navy
pants - Daisy Fuentes from Kohl's. I know, I couldn't believe it, either.
shoes - A gift.


eednic said...

LOVE that cameo necklace you are sporting. it's gorgeous!

Rosie Unknown said...

that is so cool about the commercial!

I love both outfits, the cameo necklace is amazing, and the coat is wicked!

Kim said...

You've single-handedly inspired me to start wearing my hair curly again. My flatiron gets a much-deserved rest and my hair thanks you for the break.

Leproust Vintage said...

I love your cameo is gorgeous! Your hair gives me hair envy! :)

Becky said...

eednic - Thanks! My buddy Mel made it for me!

Rosie - I felt so so special being on the big screen! Thanks, I love my new coat, too.

Kim - Do it! Curly hair is the easiest.

Leproust - Many thanks! I'm rather ashamed to say that I do almost nothing to my hair as far as styling it...

Becky said...

Y'all can purchase your own cameo from Mel here:

Theressa said...

I just discovered your blog and really love all your outfits. I especially adore the 11/9 outfit. The dress is so pretty and I love how you styled it with both vintage (cameo) and modern elements (shoes).

PS: Congrats on the commercial... how exciting!

Becky said...

Theresa - Thanks, lady! Welcome!