Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pay It Forward

I was so thrilled when my boyfriend's mom gave me this red shawl... I couldn't understand why would she get rid of it. It's gorgeous.

11/14 shawl
And, after playing with it for a while...

11/14 detail
...I decided it's not as awesome as I thought. It's itchy and always wants to fall off.
It might make a better table cloth or curtain or... cat dress.
Here, kitty kitty!

shawl - gift!
dress - Free People
top - Express
leggings - Lamixx
boots - thrift
boot scarf - thrift

Dressing like a grown up for work has been a rather fun challenge. I was so pleased when one of the sweetest coworkers in the world comment on the congruity of one of my outfits. Yay!

11/16 detail

11/16 pin

sweater - Old. Old old.
dress - NY and Co. They were having some kind of sale and I'm a sucker for chartreuse.
pin - thrift
shoes - Wanted


Kasmira said...

Love the chartreuse with the teal. Beautiful color combo.

Rosie Unknown said...

I adore that dress! (the yellow one)

Becky said...

Kas - Thanks, lady! On an unrelated note, I went to the TJ Maxx in Cincinnati the other day and thought of you!

Rosie - Thanks! It makes me happy.