Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Needless and the Necessary

This outfit was probably not my best idea. This little mini dress pretty much requires tights or some sort of bloomer so my goods don't get splashed around town...

That will have to wait 'til my burlesque show. Har har.

10-09 chair
I sit in chair...

10-09 cat chair
... Mico sits in chair. And look how fabulous her fur coat is!

10-09 shadow

gray striped top - TJ Maxx
dress - French Connection ... From TJ Maxx!
socks - Hm. Probably TJ Maxx.
boots - thrift

My sister talked me into buying leather shorts a few weeks ago.
Me: Leather shorts?
Laurie: Yeah! Try them on!
Me: When would I wear leather shorts?
Laurie: Look how great your butt looks in them!
Me: What practical purpose would owning leather shorts serve in my life?
Laurie: I can't hear you over the hottness emanating from your backside!
Me: Sigh. Sold.

I ended up kissing a very handsome man the day I wore them so I suppose it was worth it. heh!

10-10 coat

10-10  surprise twin
My evil twin shocks me...

10-10 smirk twin
... But I love her anyway.

necklace - Gift from Laurie!
top - Old Navy
shorts - vintage from Pop's in Lexington, KY
tights - I dunno.
flats - I can't remember... Dangit.

I stand in the corner...

10-11 cat
... Mico stands in the corner. Girl needs to get her own blog.

10-11 step

10-11 shoes

dress - vintage from Regeneration in Detroit, MI
scarf - thrift
tights - Victoria's Secret (from TJ Maxx, of course...)
shoes - Jessica Simpson


Jilliebeanie said...

Awesome purchase with the leather shorts!

Rosie Unknown said...

I love! All of it, it is marvelous!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

ooh what a beautiful cat! great post... so many cute outfits. i really adore that cobalt dress, ooh lala.

The Bunny said...

Lovely Becky--I am still enjoying the mix you sent oh so many years ago "Year in Review" 2007, baby, you. Sankyou. Anyway, I was wondering if, sticking to your true generous nature, you can turn me onto a very cool, veggie / tapas / vino? / fireplace place in columbus so my love and I can eat before we go to a show at the palace in columbus? do you have any good recs? thank ya, mam, if you do.

Lauren said...

i really love those tights! they remind me of the tights i wore on special occasions as a little girl (trust me - that's a really good thing!)



Paige said...

You as always are so cute! I want to go to detroit now to check out that store.

Midwest Darling

Kim said...

You are so dang pretty.
And I used to have your kitty's twin - his name was Sniggy.

Becky said...

Jillie - Thanks! I guess my sis knew what she was doing!

Rosie - Yay!

Thrifty - Thank you, lady!

Bunny - Email me! mybeckyjustwrotemealetter [via]

Lauren - Me too! They look like Easter Sunday tights to me...

Paige - Highly recommended!

Kim - Aw. What a good name for a kitty.

Londyn said...

Tights & shoes are fierce!!! LOVE them.