Thursday, October 1, 2009


Consider the frump pumped. I might be a little too excited about fall's clothing layering possibilities.

10-01 sun
Thanks to my momma for snapping today's pictures!

10-01 coat

10-01 sunglasses

jacket - thrift, hemmed
dress - Tulle
green shirt - Target
tights - TJ Maxx
shoes - Wanted, purchased at the Gap Outlet


Frederik Sisa said...

Frump? What frump? Those tights alone are pretty pumped up, but that dress is very lovely too. Nice layering!

Bug said...

You are so pretty - i love this outfit on you! I love fall for the same reason, great time for layering.



Leproust Vintage said...

Love your tights!

Oranges And Apples said...

you look very elegant, i love it! great photos too, well done your mum!

eednic said...

i love those tights! how cute! i don't have nearly enough pairs of tights in my wardrobe.