Friday, June 12, 2009

Nonstop Halter Top

06-1206-12 cat
This outfit has to last me through work, a birthday party, a barn dance, and a camp out tonight. So far, so good.

06-12 in repose

black crop top - This is the top half of a tank top I bought a handful of years ago.
denim dress - Hotkiss
flats - Target
anklet - yard sale


i_b_erin said...

Cute dress...Have fun with your full day and evening planned!

mmmmm might have to use it for inspriration to make one for myself.

Jess said...

I personally would not trust a that little halter tie to last through such a packed schedule, but the black top seems like good fashion insurance.

Don't get lost in the hay bales!

Candycane said...


Have a fun time :D

Lea said...

nice legs

so I love your banner so much it's ridiculous.

~Hurricane B~ said...

If that outfit makes it through alll of that. It better get an award.=)

hypertigur said...

love the high waist skirt :D

I want to let you know I am awarding you a "lovely" blog award :) Check out my blog for more details!


Becky said...

Hey ladies! Thanks for your kind comments. The dress made it through the day and with distinction! You are so right, Jess, the black top was totally for insurance purposes. Well, that, and added fashionality. Friday was wonderful!

Lea - THANK YOU! I always wonder how my banner looks to other people.

hypertigur - Many thanks! I'll check it out!