Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Community and Commuting

I'm sorry to step away so long, my faithful followers. Life has been insane and I'm afraid it won't ease up anytime soon. I'm moving in with my boyfriend in Columbus this weekend because we found an amazing apartment there. However, I have yet to find gainful employ in the state capitol so I'll be staying with my family in Kentucky during the week to work at my environmental job here and then staying in Columbus on the weekends. It will be crazy but worth it!

Friday, I took a tour of the environmental set-up at Toyota's facility in Grant County, Kentucky. Let me say for the record that that place is insane. Huge factory, huge workforce, and wonderfully, a huge recycling system.

06-26 earring

06-26 boots

earrings - they were Mom's
striped undershirt - Old Navy
red top - yard sale
jeans - Old Navy
boots - thrift
boot scarf - thrift

06-26 ComFest
I changed everything but my striped top when I left Kentucky and headed for ComFest in Columbus. ComFest is awesome!

striped top - Old Navy
orange bra thingy - thrift
shorts - thrift
sandals - BC Footwear

It's kind of a struggle to stay cool during ComFest but this ensemble helped me keep out of the heat.

06-27 dogs
Crazy dogs!

06-27 detail

earrings - I bought them on the street in NYC.
tank top - thrift
green ring - Rabbit Hash General Store
skirt - Kohl's
shoes - BC Footwear


My intern loved this outfit and that is why I love her.

06-29 cat

under dress - Pangea in Clifton
gray dress - Free People
shoes - Imagine

06-29 mary kate
My sister and I were trying on garments at TJ Maxx yesterday. I slipped into this little bohemian number and suddenly, I was transformed into Mary Kate Olsen! My sister: "Look more emaciated!"

Today, I wear a few things I seldom wear.

06-30 shorts

06-30 shoes

earrings - I got them in Ann Arbor, MI.
black top - Express
shorts - TJ Maxx
belt - thrift
shoes - Tribeca


Candycane said...

I really like the yellow and denim combo - looks very summery!

The shoes in the last post are awsome too :)

Plus gotta love the MK pose and your sisters instruction :P

In Bug's Drawers said...

Cute boots! Good luck with the move!

Jess said...

Good luck with the job hunt and move!

NG said...

I love that you layered the orange crop top over that striped shirt! It makes me think you would like my friend's etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27741861

Her aprons can be worn around the house but are also great for layering over skirts or pants.