Monday, March 2, 2009

Body suits are the future.

I wore this to lovely Corrie's Soupocalypse party and she appreciated both my skirt and my earrings. I appreciated her maginificent culinary skills and awesome apartment.

02-28 detail
These earrings will be the death of my lobes.

earrings - TJ Maxx
bodysuit - thrift
skirt - Pangea in Clifton
leggins - lamixx on etsy
boots - thrift
boot scarf - thrift

Just talking shop with Nala. No big deal.

03-01 shoe
Stirrup leggings remind me of my fourth grade fashion experiements.

03-01 detail

earrings - thrift
bodysuit - thrift
skirt - Big Bone Lick State Park's Salt Festival ... Yep.
stirrup tights - TJ Maxx
shoes - Madden Girl from TJ Maxx

I'm quite disappointed in myself. I was ten minutes late for work and still created a completely pedestrian ensemble.

03-02 detail

headband - JoAnn Fabrics
sweater - Free People from TJ Maxx
tank top underneath - ditto
jeans - Old Navy
boots - thrift
boot scarft - thrift


Cat said...

Love the earrings, but dang, they look heavy. Is that a scarf tied around your boot? I've never thought of that before.

BeautyandPearls said...

O M G! I simply love body suits, you are soo right to say they are the future. :-) BTW , i'm Sha'la
Check me out sometimes!

Becky said...

Cat - Yeah, those earring are murder ... Beautiful, sparkly homicide. And the scarf placement is what my coworker loving refers to as the "Bon Jovi boot." I like adding a touch of color at the bottom of an ensemble.

Sha'la - I'm glad you agree about body suit possibilitties! Everyone in Cincinnati thinks I'm insane!