Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Write it in pencil skirt.

02-0402-04 loungin
I don't know why I looks so cheesed-off in today's picture. I think it might be the skirt, giving me it's '80's working woman power vibes.

02-04 floor

02-04 detail

Since I've been slacking in denoting each garment's origin, a few people have asked from whence these weird articles came. I suppose I'll suck it up and write it down but please don't stop commenting just because I'm more informative!

headband - Pier One (crazy, right?)
necklace - thrift (with the ring my boyfriend gave me strung on it)
top - thrift
skirt - Shop Therapy, a secondhand store in Northside ... Go there now!
tights - TJ Maxx
shoes - thrift

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riennahera said...

I really like two things about that outfit. First - its simplicity, second - the pattern on the skirt. Adorable.