Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ring In a New Era

02-0302-03 back
While "working from home" the other day, I wandered onto Free People's website and found the above little blue top on clearance. Since I'd coveted it when I first saw it in the catalogue, I figured I was well within my means to splurge. It arrived yesterday and I freaking adore it but I fear for my future ... No one should have such easy access to their greatest vice!

02-03 detail

In other news, my boyfriend got down on one knee yesterday and gave me this ring:
02-03 ring
He asked if I would agree ... To be his girlfriend. Duh. Yes yes.
02-03 ring gigglin

Things of Thrift: the denim skirt was free from my lovely buddy Theresa


Anonymous said...

You look great. Don't be afraid to smile either. You look incredible when you do! :D

barefootinboots said...

I love your style.

I might have missed it but what brand are your fabulous black boots.

I love to wear boots. I wore white and pink cowboy boots under my wedding dress.

Becky said...

This Anonymous person is awesome. Thank you!

Ms. Boots, I love love the idea of matrimonial cowboy boots! Brilliant! As for the origin of my standby black boots, I couldn't say. I got them at a thrift store and have no idea of their brand. They are definitely men's work boots, though ... they could stomp through anything!