Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No outfit is complete without laser beam eyeballs.

On Valentine's Day, this handsome man planned several surprise adventures. I dressed to tackle anything Grego could conjure for our day. It was wonderful.

02-14 makeup
I even wore a little makeup. That does not happen very often.

red top - Free People
necklace - thrift
black top - Express
black dress - I'm not sure. It was a gift.
black belt - thrift
black tights - TJ Maxx
boots - thrift
boot scarf - thrift
boyfriend - I found him on a riverboat.

Sunday, we went to Playhouse in the Park and I wore this sparkling garment, in all it's not-tied-back maternity glory.

02-15 detail
I really don't know why I don't wear these tights more often.

02-15 cats
These cats secretly dream of modelling.

02-15 face
Not I, though.

headband - Kroger's grocery
dress - French Connection
tights - I actually bought these at a little hosiery store in London. It was in a Tube station of all places.
boots - thrift

02-1602-16 face
I had the loveliest Monday! It was a holiday for we government workers and I got a little dolled up to shop around with Mel.

02-16 detail

02-16 headband

02-16 cape
This cape is amazing. Greg's mother gave it to me ... She bought it brand new in the '70s and wore it every day for a decade.

02-16 cape detail

headband - Jo Ann Fabric
sweater - Uh. I'm not sure.
dress - Billabong
bracelet - Another mystery!
jeans - Free People
shoes - Old Navy
cape - Ms. Nicholson

Today is my first foray into beret-dom. I'm getting mixed reviews but I love how the combination of yellow hat and cobalt cardigan turn my eyes into blazing blue laser beams.

02-17 makeup
You've heard of the lipstick indicator? This is the face of someone that buys into it (so to speak). I found a Hard Candy makeup kit for a steal and went nuts.

02-17 detail

hat - Urban Outfitters ... It was expensive but our darn intern runs around with these cute little berets all of the time and so I was forced to up the hat ante.
sweater - thrift
beaded top - Free People
brown top - Forever 21
jeans - Old Navy
boots - thrift

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