Tuesday, February 10, 2009

French Connection Connection

02-1002-10 back
A haiku about this new dress:
French Connection is
quite pricy unless you shop
at a TJ Maxx

It originally had a free-flowing A-line bottom but I wasn't feeling that shapeless maternity look so I sewed some beltloops on the sides and tied it back with a big old ribbon.

02-10 d├ęcolletage

02-10 detail

02-10 shoes

dress - French Connection from TJ Maxx (it was originally $178 and I got it for $7!)
jeans - Old Navy (yeah, I'm wearing them every day ... don't judge me)
shoes - Madden Girl from DSW (they were also $7 ... maybe it's a sign)


V said...

I love what you did with the top and the sandals are great!

April said...

hey, i gave you an award! :]