Monday, November 24, 2008

post-modern pirate

These boots are truly absurd. I think this may be only the second time I've ever worn them and they've been in my loving care for more than a year. It's just so hard to wear knee-high spike-heel pirate vamp boots without look like a floozy.

Things of Thrift: the boots (they were something like $7!) and the vest

11-24 nail polish
Let's take a moment to discuss nail polish. The color I am wearing today is my new favorite. It is OPI and the color is flamboyantly named Moon Over Mumbai. I saw it at Kroger six months ago but refused to spend $8 on such a novelty. Well, my patience paid off ... I got it for $4 yesterday in the clearance basket. Now, here's the question: Is it more psychotic to pay $8 for a bottle of nail polish or to obsess over said nail polish for six months until it goes on sale for a paltry $4 off?

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