Wednesday, October 8, 2008

racked with quilt

Mr. Green. In a Mexican restaurant. With her mother.

New (to me) earrings! I went to a swap meet in Rabbit Hash last night. This is where it was held:
This is where I went to a swap meet.
(This is a picture from a barn dance in June but I figured it might delineate the overall aura of last night's festivities.) I brought four garbage bags full of castoffs to give away and was able to pawn about one bagfull off on the awesome ladies who came to swap. The leftovers were taken to the Brighton Center and donated to other awesome ladies in need. Terrie hosted the shindig and gave me these pretty earrings in exchange for an armload of old clothes. Score for me!
10-08-08 earring

The yellow on my top is part of a quilt my grandma started but never completed so I made it whole by adding it to this sea of green. It seems pretty content to me.

The top is so old that I honestly can't tell you from whence it came. The dress is by Hotkiss, the hanky on my wrist is thrift, and the shoes are from Old Navy.

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