Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall will be awesome.

I totally enjoy the changing of the seasons, even if it means I sweat like an animal Wednesday afternoon and freeze Friday morn.

This is not my best work. I'm still house-sitting for my parents and I basically took everything I had that was still clean and put it on my body. I am really happy with the headband, though. I went to Jo Ann Fabric where I discovered they were having a sale on trims. I stocked up on 30" of six different styles and it cost me something like $5.35. I was inspired by the new Free People catalogue's velvet headband. Except that the Free People headband is $24. I could buy 27 headbands at Jo Ann for that money! Muah hah hah!

I didn't take a picture on the 18th. The outfit was less impressive than Wednesday's.

This afternoon, I'm going to a funeral visitation. This is what I wore to work and I'll change into a somewhat matronly skirt before I hit the funeral home. It may sound psychotic but planning outfits helps me feel better about lousy situations. If you look closely, you can see that my heel matches my shirt.

Ah. Totally psychotic.

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