Friday, March 7, 2014

From Pillar to Poster

Earlier this week, I got to combine two of my favorite things: the Boone County Library and being a big, giant ham.

The beautiful Becky Kempf was my Official Poster Photographer.

The library has made the call to retire their old "Read" posters and replace them with the profiles of plain ol' patrons like me. Since their new mission statement is "Discover, explore, experience a lifetime of learning," they asked folks to share something they'd discovered, explored or experienced at the library. If they liked the quote, you would get picked for posterdom.

I really, totally, feverishly wanted to have my mug slathered around the walls of the library, so I went with something that, while true, is perhaps a little cheesy:

"I explored local history and distant cultures at the library."

And... they picked me! That's right, I will literally be the poster child for reading at the Boone County Library! Well, me and 24 other people.

Two Beckys

The library encouraged me to find props to highlight my quote, so I picked this book:

That explains it. #reading #books
If I wrote a book with this title, it would only be about three words long.

JUST KIDDING. I actually wore a top upon which I'd appliqu├ęd a quilt piece made by my grandmother and picked as my prop a book on international quilting techniques. And, just because she's my awesome best friend, I help up dumb old Callie Clare's book on Rabbit Hash, too.

turn the page

The posters will debut during National Library Week in April. I can't wait!

Edit: A million thanks to my dad for snapping these photoshoot pics. Also, for not being too disturbed by the Why Women Have Sex image...

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