Friday, November 1, 2013

Whiskers and Flappers

How was your Halloween, party people?

The Rescuers Halloween Costume
Mice guys finish last

Quincy and I dressed up as Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers!

The Rescuers Montage
The Rescuers

If you've never seen this Disney gem, I highly recommend it... Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart voice the starring mice! Adorable!

The Rescuers Halloween Costume - Bernard and Bianca
shut your mouse

I loved making and wearing these ears but the clip-on whiskers... Ouch. Toward the end of the night, Quincy said, "I feel like I have a crab hanging off my nose."

It was all worth it, however, because we won the costume contest at Mayday! Yay!

I didn't want to don those nasty whiskers all day, so for the office, I dressed as Clara Bow.

Clara BowDSC04114

She was the original "it girl." No, seriously, she starred in the movie It in 1927 and that is from whence we get the term.

If you haven't seen It (the '20s version, NOT the Stephen King thriller), do it! It's on Netflix and is so modern and funny and... Oh. Trust me.

Clara Bow Halloween Costume
flip flapper

felt mouse ears - I made 'em from scratch! Want a tutorial?
purple hat, jacket and bowed sweater - thrift

striped scaft - vintage, thrift
long pearl necklace - 'Twas a gift
oatmeal-colored drop-waist sweater dress - Free People
grey fringed slip - Free People
brown leather pumps - Chinese Laundry via the VF Factory Outlet in Carrollton, KY

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