Thursday, October 3, 2013

Clog Jam

Guess what, world.


I got some free shoes!

Frédérik, the lovely gent that invited me to guest post over at the Fashionoclast, and I were approached for a partnership by Sven Clogs. Frédérik is posting his review and super-awesome clog giveaway contest on The Front Page Online tomorrow.

But for now, behold! The two-tone bronze and black nubuck 3 inch wooden Swedish clogs. And, in case you missed it, they were FREE.

Now, I will review them. But be warned: I'm pretty high on freebie euphoria.

room with a shoe

These puppies retail for $225 and between you and me, I have never paid anything like that for a pair of shoes. $150 for Frye boots, yes. $200+ for heels... Never.

But I have to admit that after fondling them for a few days, (what, you don't fondle your footwear?) it's impossible to deny the excellent craftsmanship of these clogs.

When you pay that price, you expect an investment piece and these clogs are absolutely built to last for years. Tuff cowhide, beautiful sole and serious stapling ensure that these will endure ad infinitum.


I must also note that they are exceptionally light. I know they look heavy and clunky but that's because I have hooves the size of the Hoover Dam. I swear to you, donning these clogs is akin to wearing clouds. Sturdy, wooden clouds.

They're so light, they may even make you want to dance around like this:


Just kidding, Kentucky clogging has nothing to do with Swedish clogs, except that both fill your heart with joy.

Clog Monet

Just like any wooden shoe of the historic clog variety, breaking these in has been an issue. I've only worn them for short amounts of time but once I crush their will with my unyielding wearing, they'll be perfect.

clog lovin'

My only real conundrum in relation to these clogs that I'm having trouble styling them. As referenced above, my tootsies are monstrous and I'm afraid clogs only emphasize their size.

I like them with a sleek black palette pictured but I'm afraid my favorite a-line dress silhouette would look too little girl/doll-like when finished with the Svens.

What do you think? How do you wear yer clogs?

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