Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crowed Pleaser

Saturday, Josh Flowers and I visited the World Chicken Festival.

That's the biggest... well, you know... I've ever seen.

Held in London, Kentucky, it's a celebration of fried chicken so fantastic that I'm sure Colonel Sanders, a man who made his name in nearby Corbin, would be proud.

Josh and I spent the day making a short movie about the interesting attendees we met. I think he's editing it right now. I can't wait to watch because the experience was awesome.

Alright, we did have one complaint:

I said: "Make an animal face!"

There were no live chickens! If you like your poultry frolicking in a field as opposed to fried in a cast iron skillet, this was not the festival for you.

poultry party people

Fortunately, that didn't seem to be an issue for the massive crowds of folks in attendance.

It's a good thing that the World's Biggest Skillet was on hand because what looked to be the World's Biggest Posse of Poultry Eaters filled the streets.


Josh and I arrived in time to see the Strut, Cluck and Crow contest. There were no live chickens but there were plenty people on hand happy to impersonate them.

If you've never seen someone feigning to be a fowl, I highly recommend it. It's like watching your inebriated friends attempt karaoke except that even when the contestants did well, it was still hilarious.

We got to talk to the winner and she even indulged us and did other animal impressions. A sweetheart in addition to be a sweet rooster replicator!

The food tent, sweetly perfumed with fried fowl

Synchronized line dancers with stellar style

Coal Miner's Chicken, the unsuccessful sequel to Coal Miner's Daughter

Sadly, hat's off

The Barnyard Games, billed as the "close cousin to the Redneck Games, was infinitely entertaining, as well. There was a hat toss contest, a spitting competition, a corn cob toss and bologna eating tournament.

What I'm say is, it was a celebration of Kentucky's cultural heritage.

kidney bean, mid-stream

cob lob


So, what did we think of the World Chicken Festival?


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