Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Fest Files

Saturday, Josh Flowers and I played at the Little Green Men Days Festival in Kelly, Kentucky.

illegal aliens

It was out of this world! Har har har.

The festival commemorates the report of an alien invasion on a rural farm in 1955 and is held in a field a stone's throw from the actual landing spot, we were told.


Just like most of my favorite things, the day involved carnival food, colorful cover bands and the most incredibly friendly, lovely folks.

close encounters

The festival was founded to provide funds for the community and regardless of my feelings on UFOs (let's say "highly skeptical"), I loved supporting this small town.


I don't know about life on other planets, but the life in Western Kentucky is incredibly rad.

Josh Flowers and I interviewed a dozen festival-goers and as I type, he is working on creating a short video about the event and its foundation in alien invasion. Was the Kelly Incident proof of highly-civilized extraterrestrials? Or maybe just the product of high-proof homemade booze?

Stay tuned!

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