Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Local 12 Yokel

Monday, I was in a commercial for Local 12 News!


The kind folks at Take the Cake allowed us to disrupt their baking for about three hours as I tried out my ridiculous attempt at acting.

I toted bread and played at a cash register, reciting lines about how I rely on Local 12. The other extras were exceptionally friendly and the cameramen were extremely patient.

One camera guy even complimented me at the end of the shoot! I will treasure that comment because, while I enjoy being a big, giant ham, I have little faith in my ability to portray others in front of a camera.


Quincy's lovely friend Selena Reder was our writer/director and totally made the morning go very smoothly.


...And I met the gorgeous Sidney Cherie Hilley. HI, SIDNEY!


The commercials are set to air in a couple weeks. Remember, no matter what TV tells you, I am not a baker!

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