Wednesday, June 5, 2013

30 in 30 Before I Turn 30

I turn 30 on Aug. 6!

In celebration, I will undertake one new adventure for the 30 days leading up to my birthday. 30 new experiences in 30 days before I turn 30!

I've come a long way, baby.

As I compile ideas for these weeks of insanity, I need your help coming up with exploits I’ve never undertaken but would be excited to try. I've made a preliminary list here. The calendar of events is July 8 - Aug. 6.

Of course, as the madness begins, I will be documenting it all in this here blog. 

Thank you, friends! Here’s to three decades of adventure!


Frederik Sisa said...

What a fun list! A few ideas...

Hot air balloon ride.

Barrel your own whisky.

Sacred harp singing (

Stay at the Wigwam Village Inn.

Start a flash mob.

Becky Haltermon said...

Those are awesome suggestions! Thank you!