Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pants Am

Pants. Ugh. Right?!


Okay, I talk a good game about how I'm just not that into pants. And then, I decide that, hey, maybe I need some black skinny jeans. And... Maybe I need to wear them all the time. And maybe, just maybe, I'll fall in love with them.


Andy maybe I'll wear them and pretend to be Sam Snead in 1974...


Or imagine I'm Brigitte Bardot at the beach...


Maybe I'll pretend it's Straw Hat Day in 1958...


Maybe I'll dream of hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro...


Maybe I'll think about Brer Rabbit...


... Or maybe, I'll just update my blog.

'70s straw and plaid boating hat - House of Curious Treasures
black and white striped top - Van Heusen
black skinny jeans - Blank NYC via TJ Maxx
red cowgirl boots - A shop in Pigeon Forge, TN

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