Monday, November 26, 2012

One, Too


While I love this bustier, it's hard to wear it without:
a.) Looking like a hooker.
b.) Slowly suffocating to death.


It was made in the '50s and has all the structural integrity of a mid-century skyscraper.


It was only $5 at The House of Curious Treasures. I don't want to promote them because I want their insanely inexpensive vintage finds to be all mine but my conscience compels me to share. $5!


In other news, I'm really into mid-finger rings. These are actually toe rings. Don't tell my digits.


This is Quincy's cat One. He and I both enjoy a good sunbeam.


But, unlike me, he doesn't appreciate a good cuddling. He'll learn.

'50s blue flowered cotton bustier - The House of Curious Treasures
cardigan sweater - Merona via Target
gold rings - Kristin Noel Designs
denim pencil skirt - Elle via Kohl's
boot socks - Butler Outlet Mall in Carrollton, KY
boots - Frye


Frederik Sisa said...

I admire how you craft your winning style from thrift and vintage sources. I should definitely learn from you.

The mid-finger rings is a neat idea. Curiosity compels me to ask, however, if you ever wear toe rings on your, you know, toes...

Becky Haltermon said...

Thank you, sir! I've been thinking a lot about vintage clothes and, while I do require modern trappings like tights, I think I could wear thrift stuff all day, every day. I actually dreamed I was thrifting last night... and it was awesome.

No rings on my toes... I just never got into the idea of it.