Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cowl Operator

Friday, I got two compliments on this funny dress, both from old ladies.


I'm starting to think my style isn't "edgy" as much as it's "elderly."


Bu then, my handsome boyfriend, awesome best friend, and several locals in Rabbit Hash complimented it. So, apparently, it's just a crowd-pleaser.


I honestly can't even explain this dress. I got it at House of Curious Treasures (for $5!) and my guess is that it was a late '70s home sewing project.


There are no tags in it and it originally had long sleeves with elastic cuffs. Yuck.


But look at that cowl neck! It makes no sense!


No sense!


'70s cowl-neck dress - House of Curious Treasures
blue bird earrings - Free People
vintage Aigner grey leather belt - thrift via Goodwill
boots - Frye


Kasmira said...

Elderly style is the best! I'm an old lady at heart.

Becky Haltermon said...

Me too! But I'm also kind of a cowgirl hooker at heart, too. And did you notice me totally stealing your style in the sixth photo? It's a Kasmira pose!

Frederik Sisa said...

Maybe we could think of it in Spanish terms as putting the "senorita" in seniority?

Regardless, the cowl rules.

Becky Haltermon said...

...And the award for wittiest comment ever goes to...!