Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ciao, Mane

This morn, I had my 'do redone at Parlour. Holy moly. I love big hair, and they made it happen in a big way.


Then, I hopped over to Eden Park to take these pics. Fortunately, there weren't too many people around so I didn't feel like a spectacular doofus.


Maybe just a medium-sized doofus.


Also, you can't really tell but I destroyed the zipper in this dress. The entire left side was all adangle all day. Fortunately, this coat camouflages a multitude of unpleasant truths.


The most amazing Abby Lay gave me this brooch for my birthday. I heart her so!


And to go along with my new lion's mane, I wore my Leo ring. Roar, jerks!


In other news...

Lincoln at the Theater

I saw Lincoln and loved it, minus the last 20 minutes. Brevity is the soul of spectacular cinema, Spielberg.

stovepipe hat - Lincoln Homestead in Springfield, Kentucky
'50s cinched waist black jacket - vintage via Street Scene in Lexington
ruffled dress - Billabong, via Pangaea, methinks
brooch - gift
ring - I got it on Magazine Street in New Orleans
socks - Butler Outlet Mall
boots - Frye

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