Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clotheslines and Felines

Here are some more glimpses into May... Click on a photo to see the collection from that day!



This expression might appear to be a reflection of my mental state at this time, but I can state with certainty that the only thing running through my mind at the time of this photo was, "I hope the camera doesn't fall off the clothesline!"


It didn't.

tunic - I'm honestly not sure.
vintage nightgown - A Gal Named Cinda Lou
flats - Old Navy



The handsome boy in my arms is Oscar, one of the three stray kittens I managed to establish in the barn of my then-boyfriend. For a man to claims to hate cats, he was a doting dad to this little man.

Daisy is at my feet.


We're discussing world events.

earrings - A gift from the Dayton Arts Institute
shirt - stolen from my man
dress - The Black Market Boutique
silver flats - Old Navy! Pay attention! Heehee...

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