Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Swimming Costume Coversation

Me: I think I might need to buy this...


Laurie, my sister: no!!!! think of the burn lines! and the discomfort!

Me: But it's sooooooooo awesome. And Free People is selling one for, like, $150.

Laurie: if free people was selling jump off a bridge tickets for $150 would you buy them if there was a knockoff discount somewhere?

Me: You know I would! And then I'd brag about it in my blog!

Laurie: haha! it's so true! but seriously, it's cheap enough that if you want it, get it. i just don't like how it shapes the boobies.

Me: I can respect that. Also, soooooooold!

Laurie: sigh. :)

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