Thursday, March 8, 2012

The House that Jen Built

pondering ponchos

Dear friends, allow me to sing the praises of a new secondhand shop I have recently given my heart to.

Here's a hint: They sell amazing vintage green felt hats at unbeatable prices. Like $6.

Behold: The House of Curious Treasures!

probably pondering the improbable purchasability of my hat

Not only is Jen, the lady that runs this fantastic establishment, a hilarious, gregarious, chaotic bundle of awesomeness, she has aggregated the most amazing collection of antiques, vintage curiosities, and unusual goods. I have spent hours rummaging through her jam-packed storefront.

These boots were made for thrifting.

Vintage '50s dress? $10. Vintage '60s never-been-worn bikini? $10.

Ring me up some deals, please.

Plus, she has mountains of dirt-cheap and beautiful furniture, home goods, and trinkets.

I know I sound like I'm gushing. It's because I am. Just wait 'till you see all the awesome I've brought home from this place.


vintage hat - House of Curious Treasures... duh!
poncho - Coldwater Creek
rings - vintage, thrift
jeans - Forever 21
cowboy boots - thrift
boot bandanna - thrift

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