Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fit to be Bow Tied

So, over at the Fashionoclast, we're doing Frivolous Fridays. It's a weekly wardrobe challenge with the goal of pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to wear in polite society.

And, okay, it gives me an excuse to wear junk I have laying around.

Want to partake? This week's Frivolous Friday Challenge is: Bow ties.

02-26 shoes
Leonard is a fan of reptile prints and flagrant neck wear.

Is there any way to look more dapper than donning a bow tie?

Whether draped around your neck, clipped in your hair, or pinned to your cardigan, bow ties instantly increase your rakishness. And who doesn't need more rakishness?

Post links to pictures of you in your debonair bow ties in the comments section or email 'em directly to me before Monday, January 16. I will then post you in all of your bow tied glory on the Fashionoclast.

Here's to more frivolity!

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