Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Chance Fancy

Happy Frivolous Friday!

Anne Wolking, possibly one of the classiest, fanciest coworkers in history. Also, me.

At the Fashionoclast, we've started a little something called Frivolous Fridays. Our first foray into frivolity was a week or so ago and we will be offering up more challenges in irreverence next year.

I think this chair somehow increased my lankiness by 83%.

But because I'm never one to do anything in moderation, one of my favorite coworkers and I have decided to give the ol' proverbial finger to casual Friday and don our party finery to the office every Friday in December.

"Ah, yes, I found your problem right here. You are simply not as fancy as you should be."

We've gotten a great response and, while I can't in good conscience advocate sitting on sequins for eight hours, bringing a little New Year's festivities to my cube definitely made today better.

"I'll consider your proposal once your sartorial choices improve."

This is actually a dress I bought for New Year's 2006-2007. I'm wearing a different sequined dress on the morrow!

On moi:
sweater - Merona for Target
sequin dress - vintage from NVISION
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

On Anne:
dress - Target
shoes - Target


Lora B said...


Londyn said...

You guys look amazing!! I need to start frivolous Fridays...!

Becky Haltermon said...

Lora... Quit being jealous!

Londyn - This week's challenge is bow ties!