Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fest Wishes


ComFest was the last weekend in June and, if you're not familiar with Columbus, it's an all-out three day hippie happening, repleat with beers, bands, bare boobies and more tie-dye vendors than you can shake a dreadlock at.

This little dress was pretty perfect for the day. It's not very practical under any other circumstances.

It even scored a compliment from a fellow fest-er!

ComFest story: I bought a lovely pair of earrings from one of the vendors and then, a half hour later, realized I'd dropped a $20 bill at her stall. I trudged back, all saddness, only to discover that the earring-maker had found my money, saved it for me, and handed it over when she saw me again. I told her I fell in love with her. She just laughed.

It takes a lot of work to maintain this ghostly pallor so I brought a parasol my boyfriend lovingly plucked from a yardsale for me. It got a million compliments - If an umbrella trend springs up next year, you'll know who to blame.


dress - Free People
bralette - Anthropologie
sunglasses - Target
shorts - thift
flats - Old Navy

See what I wore to ComFest last year...

All three cats loafed around my "walk-in closet" while I got dressed.

It's their favorite room in the house.


Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, that sounds like the most amazing festival ever!

Love the dress, it looks super cute!

Becky said...

Rosie - It is a fantastic time! And thanks for the kind comment!