Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sagacious and the Bohemian

Every dress I own is too short for work. Oh well. Deal with the kneecap, coworkers!

I love this nail polish. It was $1 at a cute store in Easton called francesca's collections and the day after I bought it, I saw that a Chanel version of the very same color was announced as "the color for summer." I win!

jacket - vintage
pin - thrift
dress - Kohl's
shoes - from my Momma

I'm rather conflicted about long dresses. I love this one but whenever I wear it, I can't shake the overwhelming hippie vibe.



sweater - Uh. I don't know. It's quite old.
dress - Forever 21

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~Hurricane B~ said...

I love that dress. Very colorful. Def a bit "earthy" that is what makes it great.

Ooohg kneecaps?? You rebel.

Frederik Sisa said...

That's a great nail polish colour. Very summery, indeed.

Rosie Unknown said...

LONG LIVE HIPPIE VIBE! And you look gorgeous :)

Becky said...

Hurricane - Hahah! You make me lol with your kneecap comment.

Frederik - Thanks! It caused a big splash at work.

Rosie - Hah! Thanks and thanks!