Friday, June 18, 2010

Of Boots, Brunches, and Burns


I love that it's yard sale season. You can find so many awesome fun finds for an absolute steal at a yard sale. For example, I got these boots at a community yard sale a year or two ago for something like $3.

I actually took part in our community yard sale a week or two ago and made enough money to satisfy my goal: Purchasing a totally delicious Sunday brunch for the boyfriend and myself.

We went to the Starliner Diner in Hilliard and had Cuban French toast. Mission accomplished.

jacket - The Gap, approx. 927 years ago
dress - Kohl's
boots - yard sale
boot scarf - thrift

My sister and I are very alike. Here you can see that, while we were both very rigorous about applying and reapplying sunscreen one day while doing yard work, we both neglected to protect our upper rump regions from the rays of the sun.

We are also both totally into cutoff shorts, apparently.

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~Hurricane B~ said...

That red streak is totally hawt. You guys might be starting a trend. How do you feel about shoes from yard sales and stuff? I am always wary over used shoes, I heard they have already formed to the previous owners feet and would be bad for yours. Do you get pain? Cause there have been times I pass up awesome shoes for that reason.

Becky said...

Hah! We are like pink zebras.

I've never heard that used shoes could cause podiatric problems and I suppose that make sense. I've never had any issues, myself, and I've worn those yard sale boots quite oft.