Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comment Sense

This hat is a real comment-getter. Everyone had something to say about it from my coworker - "You look like you need to be picking blackberries in a rural field!" - to my boyfriend - "You actually wore that to work?"

It's slightly too small for my mane-covered dome so I wear it at a jaunty angle.

I just couldn't pass it up when I saw it.

hat - vintage, Flower Child
polka-dot top - It was a gift bought at Express at least 7 years ago.
dress - I got it at TJ Maxx but I can't recall the brand.
shoes - ditto

For the after work look, I just removed the button-up and slipped in to sandals. For reasons I can't fully explain, it looks weirdly risqué in this picture.


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Rosie Unknown said...

I love your dress! It's simple, but so pretty.

Becky said...

Thanks! It's a great go-to for an easy outfit.