Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cameos of All Kinds


Nala is always trying to upstage me.


dress - yard sale
cardigan - The Gap?
cameo pin - gift
shoes - TJ Maxx


Frederik Sisa said...

Cameos are definitely the unsung heroines of the accessory world. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

that is the cuuuutest outfit ever!

midwest said...

Great as always,
I need some shelves that for my serious amount of closet overflow happening in my new apartment.

Midwest Darling

Becky said...

Frederik - Thanks! I love that little pin!

I appreciate that, Anonymous!

Midwest - Shelves are the shit for sure. I feel so much more organized.

Dana said...

This outfit is so cute. I love blues and I love love love the cameo!