Thursday, March 18, 2010

From the Absurd to the Ridiculous


This was one of those mornings where I sleepwalked through the entire getting-ready process. I woke up at work to find I was wearing a lime green dress with tan scruchy boots... Hm!



top - thrift
necklaces - thrift
dress - Oh crap. Express or NY & Co. or the Limited... One of those
boots - thrift

That night, I did something I've never done in my life...

3/11/10 CBR's Got Talent
I danced in a choreographed number in a talent show!

3/11/10 CBR's Got Talent
I work for a nonprofit professional association of realtors and they put on a talent show every year to raise money for scholarships. My boss offered a spot on the Not Our Day Job Dancers, an amateur (very amateur) dance troupe lead by an inimitable home stager who was a choreographer in a past life (Katy, the lady whose head is above mine).

It went very well... Or so my boyfriend told me.

earrings - Icing, re-painted
dress - Rag-O-Rama
boots -


Oranges And Apples said...

I love you in the dancing!

Candycane said...

You look great in the talent show get up - love it :D

Also that shirt is v cute with the lime dress.

CC xXx

~Hurricane B~ said...

I think that your outfit turned out lovely, so get dressed in a sleepy daze again.

Becky said...

Oranges - Thanks! I think I need to wear fake eyelashes every day!

Candy - Many thanks!

Hurricane - Hahah! I probably will!