Monday, March 22, 2010

Crop Top of the World


When I found this cropped sweater at TJ Maxx, I wondered if I'd ever wear it but I have to say that is is becoming one of my favorite articles ever. This week.




I always dress to match the kitty.

cropped sweater - Free People from TJ Maxx
dress - It's pretty old... I can't remember
jeans - Forever 21
shoes - I got them at the Gap Outlet in Hebron, KY.


Frederik Sisa said...

First the full-on nude toes, now the hardcore sandals and must be spring, all right. That's a cute outfit. The stitching on the cropped top gives it a nice edge.

And you're absolutely right about matching the kitty. I have a choice of two kitties, and I always end dressing to match the black one.

I suspect that much of the fashion trends depend on the designers' cats. I'm waiting for the calico-inspired fashions.

Clare said...

That crop top is rad. RAD!

Becky said...

Frederik - Thanks for your kind comments!

I'm thinking of getting a house that matches the cats... Fewer noticable hairs all over everything.

Hah! It's too bad calico fabric looks nothing like calico cats.

Interesting note from Wikipedia: In North America the word calico is used quite differently. In American English, calico is a word for inexpensive printed cotton fabrics with a small, allover pattern, often floral.[1] These colorful, small-patterned printed fabrics are what gave rise to the use of the word calico in the name of a cat coat color: "calico cat". The patterned fabric also gave its name to one of the common names of a crab, the calico crab.

The fabric that is called calico in the UK is called muslin in the USA.

Clare - Thanks! Your compliment is totally tubular!