Friday, March 26, 2010

Compare, Contrast, Confute


I would like to thank NPR for reminding me to wear green. I was already dressed (okay, kind of mostly dressed) when my radio wished me a happy St. Patrick's Day and it was back to the closet for me.

On a semi-related note, I miss getting dressed with Carl Kasell.

Frankie is almost as awesome as Mr. Kasell but she just doesn't have the sonorous voice and avuncular personality. She's mostly squeaky and psychotic.



lovely necklace - nightowlcrafts
green dress - Pangea in Clifton, Cincinnati
sweater - TJ Maxx
wedges - Old Navy


My boss used the words "matchy-matchy" this morning.

I, for one, am quite a proponent of matchy-matchy. You may have noticed this.

She was disdaining the old ladies who go to Florida and buy the necklace which matches the earrings which match the bracelet which matches the ring. That, I understand. It is too easy.

But when you buy a necklace in one decade at one flea market in one city and then find a bracelet that matches it perfectly in another decade at a different thrift store across the country...

... Well, then, I am all about it.

necklace - from a flea market, I think
bracelet - antique, thrift
black top - JC Penney Outlet
dress - Uh. TJ Maxx?
booties - eBay

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