Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scoring and Adoring


I wore a necklace made of vintage Mardi Gras beads the day after the Saints won the Super Bowl. I'm not really a sports person (I heard about the game on NPR for chrissakes) but my buddies in NOLA were freaking elated.



cardigan - Simply Vera by Vera Wang from Kohl's
dress - The same!
necklace - It's from a head shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans.
shoes - I got them from the Mustard Seed Boutique in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Clifton.

I changed when I got home from work...

I want to do a series of work/evening before and after photos but it never seems to work out. Ah well, stay tuned!

The kitten was, of course, a big help in picking out these clothes. I mean, I never would have gotten dressed without her batting at my toes and leaping at me from across the room.

I decided to name her Luella. It was my great-grandmother's name.

If you hold this up to your ear, you can hear the ocean... Hah.


tank top - Anthropologie (I just discovered that these is one very near me in Columbus!)
peach top - Not sure. It's quite old.
jeans - Free People


Marley said...

I really like the chartreuse with navy. I have a few pieces in that color, and I like experimenting with different combinations. I'm found coral is another fun mash-up with chartreuse! Luella is darling; enjoy her kittenhood!

lydia & nicole said...

love your dress! and your kitten is adorrrrable

i found you on flickr and am now following =)

~lydia @ http://magicrings.blogspot.com/

Ru said...

Ok that kitty is so majorly adorable!

Rosie Unknown said...

That last photo is amazing! The kitten looks so cute!

Becky said...

Marley - I love chartreuse and you're right, it is so fun to mix with other colors. And I fully plan to revel in the kitty's youth!

Lydia - Welcome! I'm glad you like what you see!

Ru - Thanks! I agree!

Rosie - She's an adorable menace!